Step 1 of Practice



You will practice:

·      noticing when you feel better than usual—whether a little or a lot (Try our mindfulness practice to help you bring awareness to the present moment and what you are thinking and feeling.) 

·      reflecting on positive moments

·      writing about positive moments

·      describing the moments

·      articulating the positive feelings you experienced

Timeframe: 1 week


1. Every day for seven days, notice at least one moment when you feel somewhat better than you usually feel. Notice   as many positive moments each day as you can.

2. Every day for seven days, reflect on and write about at least one positive moment from that day. Describe what happened and use sensory details.

3. Choose a word or words for your feeling state. If you have a hard time thinking of feeling words, you are not alone! We often use the word “good” for a wide variety of positive feelings. Feel free to invent new words and phrases. Have fun with it. We have compiled a limited list of feeling words that may prime your pump and make it easier to think of just the right word. 

4. Notice how you feel before, during, and after Step 1. 

Tips to help you practice:

      Learn more about mindfulness. There is a lot to read. We will make recommendations from time to time as we find material that relates to the SfI process. You can start by reading our article here.

      Plan ahead. Choose a time to reflect and write each day that is convenient for you and stick to it. You might want to set an alarm on your phone to remind you that it is time to record positive moments.

      Keep it light. You don’t ever need to get bogged down by this practice. Even five minutes a day is enough time to make a significant change in how you feel and think about yourself. Let it flow playfully, and don’t be perfectionistic about it. Be in this for the long haul, and let the process be fun.

     Use the LOG. Our online log gives you a Word DOC to keep your work. You can do all the steps of this practice in the same document. This will help you observe and reflect on your developing positive identity. Link to the log HERE. Or, if you prefer to work on paper, use any dedicated notebook. You could choose a notebook design that is special or meaningful to you somehow, since this process is one that helps you feel good about yourself. 

     Use the lists. If you have a hard time finding words for positive feelings, click HERE. You will find a list of positive feeling words to prime your pump.

     Use the examples. If you have a hard time thinking of positive moments, click here. You will find a list of examples of positive moments that will broaden your perspective on what kinds of moments might be included. To see examples of Step 1, click HERE.

    Inspire Yourself. To read about the likely, positive outcomes of engaging in this work click HERE.

At the end of one week, you will have a list of at least seven moments when you were feeling better than you usually feel. When you feel comfortable with Step 1, move on to Step 2.