What do people say about Strengths Articulation?

“There is tremendous value for me in the Strengths work, and especially the group meetings. In a world that doesn't always seem to value strengths, positive qualities or striving to be the best person one can be, it is incredibly helpful for me to be in the company of and listen to other people striving for goodness and positive experience, as well as to hear their encouragement, support, and the articulation of what strengths they see in me. I am learning to develop and articulate my own strengths, as well as learning to be a better listener and how to articulate the strengths I see in others.” C.C.

"It’s been unexpectedly powerful. Seeing myself through other people’s perspectives and learning through the process that I have strengths I wasn’t aware of has changed the way I see myself and think about myself. For me it’s led to other beneficial life experiences as well.  It’s a positive self-esteem spiral that I feel blessed to be a part of.” M.G.

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Contact Jerald Forster or Jennifer Rose for information about participating in an online Articulating Strengths Together Quad, (or another SfI activity). These intimate 4-person groups, conducted on Skype, are the best introduction to Subjective Strengths articulation. You may also contact us about having a Quad facilitated in person at your location (Seattle or Portland, OR area).

Jerald: j_forster@comcast.net

Jennifer: betterexistenceemail@gmail.com

The website is co-authored by Jerald Forster and Jennifer Rose, and is expected to be supplemented by a book in 2017. The website is currently supplemented by two other websites interconnected with this site. 

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