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The purpose of the AST is to guide you and three others through a series of activities that will give each participant a list of his or her most valued personal strengths. This process was adapted from the longer Dependable Strengths Articulation Process (DSAP), which was developed by Bernard Haldane during the second half of the 20th Century. The interactive process offered in the AST follows a carefully developed sequence of activities that can be completed in about three hours.

            Any person who reads at, or above, a tenth grade reading level should be able to buy this book and guide three other people through the process whereby each participant tells other participants about 3 or 4 past experiences that meet the criteria of being Good Experiences.  After each person tells the story of each experience, others in the quad suggest possible strengths that were demonstrated by the storyteller during each experience. Participants then study the feedback results and also consider other possible strengths suggested in the book, eventually prioritizing possible strengths so as to articulate four strengths that can be owned and valued by the participant.  Each participant then prepares a poster that lists these strengths, backed up by examples of previous events or experiences where the strengths were used.

            The book also explores the possibilities of identifying objective strengths through internet-based inventories.  These objective approaches are compared with the subjective approach of the AST. The advantages of the subjective approach are tied to the fact that strengths articulated through the AST are anchored to personal experiences that can be recalled because the strengths were originally identified when considering real-life experiences.

            It is expected that this book will demonstrate a simple process that can help you perceive yourself and others in terms of strengths.  When you perceive in this way you have a positive perspective, which is known to be advantageous when living your daily life.  People with a positive perspective are more likely to develop strengths-focused relationships and contribute to strengths-focused communities.

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