Step 3 of Practice



You will continue to:

·      focus on and write daily about your positive moments (Step 1)

·      articulate your strengths related to your positive moments (Step 2)

You will practice:

·      grouping strengths and naming the groups

·      prioritizing your top strengths

Timeframe: 1 hour


     Look at the strengths you articulated in Step 2. It is likely that you have some strengths that come up again and again. Some strengths, tho not exactly the same, may seem very similar or related. 

     Write the strengths you articulated in Step 2 into 10 or fewer groups of related strengths. Work intuitively as you group your strengths. Let yourself be surprised by how things fit together. It’s fine to experiment with different groupings. It is not possible to do this wrong.

     Look at your groupings and circle a word or phrase that seems like the best representative for each group. Alternatively, come up with a new word or phrase to name the whole group. Revise the word or phrase so that it best represents this group of strengths. Now you have about seven to ten top strengths that represent your strengths-focused identity.

     Arrange your seven to ten top strengths in order of importance where 1 is the most important. There are many ways to prioritize your strengths. For example, you might give high priority to those strengths that most reliably evoke positive feelings. You might also prioritize the strengths that are the most meaningful to you, or the strengths you value the most.

     We call this list the Top 10. Don’t worry if you have a Top 7! It’s okay. You might add strengths later, in Step 5, as you continue the practice.

To see an example of what the Step 3 process might look like, click HERE.

To see an example of a final list, click HERE.

Tips to help you practice:

     Schedule a Strengths-focused Dialog. Remember that you can always connect with others who are working on articulating a strengths-focused identity. Join a monthly strengths-focued dialog to get connected with a partner.

     Feel free to work intuitively. Try not to get bogged down in making the groups exactly right. 

     When you have about prioritized about 10 strengths, you are ready to move on to Step 4.