Jennifer's Top 10

Jennifer Rose’s Top 10


Step 4: Elaborate Top 10 (7.5) Strengths


1. I Am a Yogi

I have practiced and studied yoga for more than 20 years and taught yoga and meditation for more than 15 years. Yoga, Vedanta philosophy, and meditation practice shape and give meaning to my life. Contemplation of yoga principles brings regular insight into the physical, emotional, and psycho-spiritual aspects of life. Being part of a Yoga Lineage (the Himalayan Tradition), as well as contemplation of yoga principles, connects the unseen to the seen, the abstract to the concrete, and the past to the present in meaningful ways. Realization of the abstract and unseen principles, such as love and joy, in practical experience, or during hatha yoga or meditation practice, is a source of happiness and wellbeing whether I am making the connections in my own experience or observing the connections with a friend or a student.


2. I Appreciate Internal and External Beauty.

I see beauty in both the seen, physical world, as in the flowers I photograph and share regularly on Facebook, and in the energetic and conceptual, idealistic world, as in witnessing patterns of thought and action or cause and effect. I see variety and unity as beautiful in nature and in humanity. Flowers come in many beautiful colors and shapes and are unified in purpose. All of it I find beautiful. Humans are infinitely various in appearance and experience, and are unified in the purpose of seeking relief from suffering. I listen for the sound of beauty in the silence of meditation and I am happy. 


3. I Have Faith in Humanity. 

I feel motivated to serve people in realizing their highest potentials and most heartfelt dreams. To this end, I have taught yoga and meditation, started a meditation circle, co-founded the Strengths-focused Identity organization, initiated Conversations with Walking Yogi, Nishit Patel, engaged in philosophical discussion, and provided individual coaching. This motivation is fueled by a perfect faith in the capacity within each person to realize their potentials and dreams, and to evolve. Humans naturally have the insight, intelligence, and motivation to achieve any goal they set their sights on. Insight and joy can be foundations not byproducts of human life. To be present in a person’s realization of their goals, dreams, capacities is something delectable to me.


4. I am Creative.

I love to create beauty, inspiration, insight, and solutions, to allow fresh ideas to spring up, and to be artistic. I see this in myself when I am writing, and taking and editing flower photographs that I share daily on Facebook. I see it in curriculum planning, such as my meditation program for busy people, 2 Minutes to Meditate, and children’s writing classes. I like to share, whether the audience is one client or student, or a wider viewer- or readership, so I try to create with an eye to value to the audience for moving them forward in their lives, lifting their spirits, and inspiring personal growth.


5. I am a Motivating Collaborator. 

My enthusiasm can be contagious. My clear vision makes the path clear. I am able to light the way, and make it seem fun to travel. I love to work with people to achieve their goals. I love to listen, and hear I often hear opportunities which might have been missed that make the people with whom I collaborate feel inspired and excited. I love to see energy and confidence well up in others for acheiving their goals or our shared goals. As a teacher, a coach, and a friend I look for opportunities to inspire people to believe in their own power to achieve ‘back-burnered’ goals that may have seemed impractical or impossible. When someone allows me the honor of working with them toward a goal, I am focused on the other person’s success, and have an effect like an accelerant, like pouring gas on a spark so it because a fire.


6. I am Trustworthy.

I have developed some maturity in the areas of tolerating others and restraining my reactions, so I can often be trusted even by people who are trying to challenge me or get on my nerves. This brings me a lot of happiness, as in the recent example of the young student who was confrontational and uncooperative, whose challenges I calmly accepted without taking them personally. I was even able to return compliments, which became one of the sweetest transormations I have ever seen in a person’s mood. I told my young friend she was my hero. I don’t even know why I said it, but she was transformed by hearing it, and her smile made me as happy as I have ever been. 

I am considerate of the resources and feelings of others, including loving to lift people’s spirits. In working with others, I put them first, ahead of myself. Putting others first is a happiness for me, because I do not truly see us as separate. In relationships, I am honest about my limitations, and comfortable with ‘not knowing.’ I am respectful of people’s privacy and time, and I pull as much weight as I can in shared projects, often going above and beyond the call of ‘duty,’ to get a worthwhile project done.


7. I am Inclusive.

My desire to see people fulfilled and happy is not limited by blood, gender, ideology, nationality, race, ethnicity, class, religion, political or sexual orientation. I want all beings to be at peace, to thrive, to feel joy, to have opportunities, to know themselves as integral and invaluable to humanity as a whole. I appreciate opportunities to learn about points of view that are different from my own, cultures that are different from my own, experiences that are different from my own. My inclusivity at a more micro level includes family making. I think of step-siblings and aunts and the efforts I have made to energize these relationships with Christmas giving, and especially one birthday visit, when I inspired my sister and father to travel to celebrate our great aunt’s 100th birthday. I love people to feel like part of the family. I am good at creating a non-threatening environment of inclusion as evidenced by the Clear Water Meditation Circle and its 11 years of regular meetings with very little in the way of interpersonal friction. Others have commented on this strength in the context of group dynamics.

7.5 I am a Steward.

I am calling this strength 7.5 because I think it is related to inclusivity. It is my inclusion of nature, and my feeling of being a caretaker or host. This strength was actually named by Jerald in a Strengths-focused dialog meeting. It came out of a positive moment I articulated in which I was able to rescue a trapped squirrel. Even now, when I think of that event I do feel very positive and centered in love and my highest values. I appreciate very much the opportunities I have to include plants and animals in my day in a caring and connected way.




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