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         The primary purpose of these workshops is to introduce practices designed to help practitioners construct or articulate their positive identities.


         Three basic formats for articulating strengths are introduced:


(1)  An interactive process from the book, Articulating Strengths Together (AST), which includes a small-group activity called “The Quad Experience.”

This book, authored by Jerald R. Forster, can be obtained from for less than $15.                                 

(2)   An introspective practice for an individual who logs positive feelings and articulates strengths that influenced the positive feelings associated with the related experiences. The LOG is a guided practice designed to be used regularly, perhaps daily or weekly, throughout your lifetime, or until the process is internalized. It helps people become more articulate when describing their positive identity.

(3)  An exercise for eliciting Positive Personal Constructs, using activities somewhat like those used in George Kelly’s The Repertory Test.


         Three websites, all being developed and expanded each month, provide access to rationales, theories, research findings, and guided processes using the formats described above.  The addresses of the three websites are:

         This site will include most of the exercises and practices for articulating a strengths-focused-identity, although it is still being developed at this time (September 2015).  The site will help you explore some of the issues of self-identity and how you can articulate your subjective strengths, which help you construct a more positive identity.

         This site includes the Guidelines for creating and maintaining strengths-focused relationships, which are very useful for encouraging each member of the relationship to help each other articulate their strength-focused-identities.

         It also has two links to video demonstrations of SfR practices.

         You can download an electronic version of the LOG from this site. This website was originally designed to aid Coaches when they are encouraging their clients to articulate their strengths.


More information about these processes is available from:


         Jerald R. Forster:     (USA Phone #: 206-523-2931)


[September, 2015]