Dialog Introduction (Video)

A Strengths-focused-Dialog is an exchange in which two people share Positive Moments and Articulate Strengths. 

Positive Moments, and ways to articulate them, are described in Step 1 of Practice

Strengths Articulation is described in Step 2 of Practice

You can learn how to participate in a Strengths-focused-Dialog by reading the S-f Dialog Guide.

If you want to watch a longer demonstration of a Strengths-focused-Dialog you can click on the link shown below:


To watch a shorter example of a Strengths-focused-Dialog click HERE.

Dialog partners may choose to begin by simply sharing positive moments. After they become comfortable and skillful in the simple activity of talking about specific Postive Moments, they can add to the Dialog by exploring Possible Strengths that were demonstrated during the Positive Moments that are being shared.

After a Strengths-focused-Dialog partnership has developed, the partnership might have developed into a Strengths-focused-Relationship, which is described in a website related to this SfI-website. To go to that website, click on: <http://www.strengths-focused-relationships.org/.